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Dermatographic Urticaria

Are You sure it’s Delayed Pressure Urticaria?

There is a big chance that you know what you are searching for because I assume that you already consulted a doctor or you’re very familiar with urticaria to type such a precise keyword.

However many people confuse between Delayed Pressure Urticaria and Dermatographic Urticaria (sometimes called Urticaria Factitia).

DPU is the result of skin contact with high induced pressure. Dermatographic Urticaria in the other hand is the result of rubbing or scratching the skin. DU results in wheals and it’s quite itching.

Delayed Pressure Urticaria results in Edemas which means big welts where the swelling occur deeper on the skin and it’s painful like hell.

How do I know what I have?

If you get hives immediately after scratching or within minutes then you have dermatographism. If you didn’t see any quick change until 4 to 8h you got a DPU. Now let’s talk about it...

If you have already paid your doctor to diagnose your case then it’s a shame. 100$ went in vein. You can know your type of urticaria just by applying a pressure of 2KG (4.5 Lbs) on your hand, wait for few hours… there you go. If you developed hives then DPU it is. Of course your doctor will do it in a fancier way.

You may also get DPU due to driving for long time, biking or riding a stubborn Horse J

Dermatologists hate to diagnose someone with delayed pressure urticaria because it’s hard to cure first because there isn’t much guides to treat the condition and the fact that chronic Urticaria is often more severe and painful in pressure-prone areas of the skin.

Hives because of pressure are rare compared to the other types. A smart doctor would generally prescribe Glucocorticoids and anti-inflammatories, speak English man! My bad. He will give you certain drugs that help suppress Lichen Planus (LP) an inflammatory disorder.

He would also give you an Oral Mini-Puls (OMP) therapy with a chemical known as betamethasone to reduce the side effects of daily steroids.

Whether this approach is gonna work for you or not, I don’t know for sure, unless you have something else than Delayed pressure Urticaria. You would see an improvement.

Any Other delayed PressureUrticaria Treatment Options?

Hopefully, Yes. You can use natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial solutions such as:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Castor Oil

Apply ACV to the affected area in your skin or use Castor oil. It stings, but you gotta be brave! You would see astonishing results within few hours.

Please notice that Castor Oil is not safe to drink you may want to keep it away from your children reach. It’s not something dangerous but who knows.

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